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My wife, Susan, and I enjoy traveling to interesting places, especially driving in Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, and any place where we can find twisty mountain roads to exercise our sports cars. We enjoy stopping to see the scenery, museums, and take a few factory tours, and especially enjoy touring bourbon distilleries in Kentucky.

Linville Falls, VA
  • ABOVE - Linville Falls, VA

  • LEFT - Biltmore Estate, Ashville, NC

  • BELOW LEFT - Chippewa Falls, Ontario, Canada

  • BELOW RIGHT - Fontanna Lake, NC


ABOVE - On the Tail of the Dragon with Tom and his MINI

ABOVE RIGHT - Jim's place, Frankfurt, KY with Edelmayers

RIGHT - Smokey Mountains from Clingman's Done

BELOW RIGHT - at the Talbott Inn with Edelmayers

BELOW LEFT - The Talbott Inn, Bardstown, KY

ABVOE RIGHT - On the Danube River, Austria

ABOVE LEFT - Danube River, Passau, Germany

LEFT - On the Damube River, Germany

BELOW LEFT - Melk Abby, Austria

BELOW RIGHT - Mission in San Antonio, TX

ABOVE - Verona, Italy

ABOVE RIGHT - Verona, Italy

RIGHT - Venice, Italy

BELOW RIGHT - Venice, Italy

BELOW - Campling in KY


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